The Seven Habits of Highly “Mediocre” People

An innovative article by the renowned entrepreneur John Altucher; click the link! It is a new article of how to be a bad professional (and how to get back on track!)

– Procrastination –

– Zero-tasking –

– Failure – 

– Not original –

– Poor networking – 

– Do anything to get a “yes” – 

– Poor judge of people –


Leadership lesson from #Space ! (good for #automotive professionals)


Link to great leadership lesson from #Space!

A year ago, astronaut Scott Kelly returned to Earth after the longest time spent in orbit by an American. On his trip, with Russian cosmonaut Misha Kornienko, he executed experiments designed to examine mysteries of the human body and mind. His discoveries often reached beyond science. In a preview of his forthcoming memoir, Endurance, available October 17, Kelly shares how his time in space informed his first year back on Earth.