5-Yrs Critical Achievements


With Nissan

  • Establishment of Nissan KSA fully functional profit center office https://en.nissan-saudiarabia.com/
  • Nissan KSA market share development to 8.4% in 30-months time.
  • Rollout of two dealerships in KSA for 65,000 units sales in CY16.
  • Development & rollout of “Nissan SmartApp” proprietary device & application. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPpBnLDOfk4
  • Nissan Saudi Arabia regulatory Café intranet portal for fuel efficiency compliance and mitigation.
  • Rollout of “Nissan for Business” fleet financing, service, and extended warranty program in KSA, fleet sales penetration +35% overall volume in 18-months for Key Accounts & SME.
  • Domination of Government Defense tenders with 3,000 units modified military SUVs.
  • Rollout of “Nissan Taxi Program” for private taxi companies in KSA with 400 units sales in the first two months.


With General Motors

  • Reduce warranty-waste by 36% (-22Mil USD) in CY12.
  • Build a local website to automate technical service field diagnostics & resolutions (10% of annual sales volume) to resolve 85% within 48-hrs CY10-11.
  • Realignment of call-center direction to resolve 85% of customer complaints within 48-hrs in CY12.
  • Rollout of “Digital Dealership Program” to unite dealers bilingual websites interface and functionality CY14.
  • Build and rollout of CX program linked with annual margin reaching SSI 80% and CSI 76% in 1-year within CY14.
  • Establishment of first “Women Showroom” in Riyadh for Chevrolet & GMC CY14.
  • Rollout of KSA LMG “Local Marketing Guidance” to streamline Marketing across multi-dealerships to reduce tactical marketing waste of $15 Mil CY14.
  • Historic KSA Tahoe & Yukon SUV market share of 44% in CY14.
  • Historic KSA Cadillac achievement of +2,000 units in CY14 with Luxury market share of 15%.
  • Rollout of Cadillac 5-years “Premium Care” package in CY11.
  • Introduce “Walk-Around” video training program & competition for salesmen staff for focus models in CY14 with 300 retail & fleet salesmen in KSA.